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Nexuiz was originally developed by Lee Vermeulen and Forest LordHavoc Hale, who started Alientrap in the summer of 2002. The goal of the project was to create a high quality first person shooter that could be played freely across all platforms in one package: PC, Mac, and Linux. The engine that powered Nexuiz was Forest Hales Darkplaces engine.

The first version of the game was released in 2005. Development continued with many online contributors over the years, with version 2.5 released in October of 2009. Since its release it has been downloaded over 6 million times, and is included with many Linux distributions.

In mid-2010 it was announced that a new XBLA, PSN, and Steam downloadable remake of Nexuiz would be done from the ground up by IllFonic using Cryteks CryENGINE3 game engine. Original Nexuiz designer Forest LordHavoc Hale worked with Illfonic on the new version, many of the GPL contributors forked the project into a new game Xonotic, while Lee Vermeulen moved towards Capsized development.
Illfonics Nexuiz was released for XBLA in February 2012, and Steam May 3rd 2012.

Nexuiz Classic Screenshots

Gameplay Video

Original Nexuiz Development Team

Team Leaders

Lee Vermeulen Project Founder and Co-Designer
Forest LordHavoc Hale Lead Programmer and Co-Designer


Rudolf div0 Polzer
Kristian morfar Johansson
Maik SavageX Merten
Andreas Black Kirsch Programmer
Paul Strahlemann Evers Level Designer
Peter Morphed Pielak Artist
Samual Lenks Programmer
Rasmus FruitieX Eskola Artist and Programmer
Saulo mand1nga Gil Programmer
Stephan esteel Stahl Programmer
Jakob tZork Markstrom Grohn Programmer and Artist
Tyler -z- Mulligan Web Developer and Interaction Designer
Wolfgang Blub\0 Bumiller Programmer
Merlijn Hofstra Programmer and server admin

Past Team

Kurt Dereli Artist
Yves EviLair Allaire Artist
Fabien H. Reaper Tschirhart Level Designer
Innovati Artist
KadaverJack Programmer
William Libert Level Designer
MauveBib Bot Programmer
Rick Rat Kelley Lead Animator, Skinner
Michael Tenshihan Quinn Sound FX and Player-Voices
Gottfried Toddd Hofmann Sound FX
Marko Urre Permanto Bot Programmer
Dan Wazat Hale Sound FX
Garth Zombie Hendy Level Designer

Special Thanks

Robert ai Kuroto Various models
Chris amethyst7 Matz Level design
blkrbt Music
Gerd Elysis Raudenbusch Music
Marius GreEn`mArine Shekow Programmer
Braden meoblast001 Walters Music
Alexander motorsep Zubov Weapon animation
Eric Munyul Verminard Sambach Level design
Severin sev Meyer Artist
Simon OCallaghan egyptsoc texture set
Michael Tenshihan Quinn Sound effects
Amos torus Dudley Announcer voices
Mattrew Rye Level design
Henning Tymo Janssen Level design
Kevin Tyrann Shanahan Level design
William Willis Weilep Master server host


Attila WW3 Houtkooper
Brain Younds
Christian Ice
Clinton Kaziganthe Freeman
Dan Digger Korostelev
Dustin Geeraert
Edward Ed Holness
Jody Gallagher
Juergen LowDragon Timm
Lee David Ash
Mathieu Elric Olivier
Q1 Retexturing Project
Steve Vermeulen
Ulrich Galbraith

Nexuiz Classic - Alientrap
Nexuiz is a first-person shooter which started as a Quake modification in the summer of 2001. [GPL source code and data] (Windows, Linux, OS X)

Nexuiz is an extremely competitive fast paced Arena First Person shooter for Xbox 360 and PC via XBLA & Steam. Nexuiz is powered by CryENGINE3.

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