openSUSE is available via http (direct link) or BitTorrent. The CD for network installation is only available via http.

Direct Link

When downloading images other than the CD for network installation, it is strongly recommended to use a proper download manager to reduce the risk of corrupted data.


Using BitTorrent is recommended on slow links, especially when downloading the DVD image. BitTorrent downloads have several benefits, the clients protect against data corruption and you help relieving the load on the servers by participating in the upload - if enough people participate it will also be faster than the centralized servers - for everybody. Whatsmore, it allows you to stop the download at any time and resume it later.


Metalink is an open standard that bundles the various ways (FTP/HTTP/BitTorrent) to get files into one format for easier downloads. This makes it good for downloading ISOs; particularly for people who can't use P2P because of restrictions from their ISP or University. It can deliver very fast download speeds since most clients support multiple connections, to multiple mirrors, automatically. In addition, it can do automatic error detection, and correction. It needs a special client to handle it though.

Pick Mirror

If you want to use a direct link but live in a place in the world where our download redirector has not enough information to redirect to the fastest mirror, you can pick a mirror yourself.
Some of the live distributions based on openSUSE. Those interested in trying to build their own derivatives can take a look at SUSE Studio. see Derivatives on wiki
Show development, language and debug packages Show distribution:

Opensuse es un proyecto libre a nivel de todos los usuarios y es patrocinado por AMD y Novell los cuales crearon un sistema operativo basado en Linux Shop
Welcome to! Here's the place to find official openSUSE gear and wear for him and her. This shop delivers to Europe and Asia. For other destinations

Claws Mail - Downloads
Cooker has the latest available version in section contrib; also, 2008.1 has the latest version in the contrib/backports.

guliverkli - Browse /Media Player Classic/MPC at ...
Media Player Classic, now part of the mpc-hc project

FreeWRL X3D Download Page
Mobile Releases. Blackberry "X3DShow" is a native build of the FreeWRL library with a custom UI for Blackberry QNX-based devices, such as the Playbook Tablet.

Dilawar's Notes | Notes on Programming, Technology, and ...
Notes on Programming, Technology, and Mathematics (by Dilawar)

Texmaker/ - TeX Wiki
Texmaker for Windows exe texmakerwin32_install.exe

Calibre Wikipedia
Calibre ist eine freie Software - Suite zur Verarbeitung und Verwaltung von E-Book -Daten für Linux , Mac OS X und Windows . In vielen Linux-Distributionen lässt


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